Ara V. Nefian


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I am currently a Senior Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University West and the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center. Between 2000 and 2007 I was a Senior Researcher with Intel Research Labs in Santa Clara, California. In 2005 I was a member in the computer vision group of the Stanford racing team (Stanley) that won the DARPA Autonomous Navigation Grand Challenge. I received the Electronics Engineering Diploma in 1993 from "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, the MS in 1995 and Ph.D. in 1999 both in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta. My Ph.D. thesis focused on the theory of two-dimensional hidden Markov models with applications in face detection and recognition. 


My research interests are in the general area of computer vision, robotics, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, statistical machine learning and signal modeling. My research  experience includes the study of graphical models for face recognition, image mining, gesture recognition, audio-visual speech processing and visual navigation. My current research interests are in the area of 3D modeling and mapping from orbital images.

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